It's Not Just a Book...
It's a Handy Player Improvement Guide

Would you like to be a more skilled and informed guitarist? Then this book is for you!

It's a unique and easy-to-navigate catalogue of Marlene's popular tips, tricks and hints to help you focus and improve your guitar playing abilities and knowledge. Her simple, do-able suggestions and ideas are broken down into five relatable guitar player categories.

This handy, must-have book is the perfect tool to help broaden your guitar playing horizons!

What's Inside?

This book includes more than 150 tips that Marlene handpicked for you from her popular weekly guitar tips blog.
Based on her experiences as a guitar student, player, performer, musician and instructor, each tip has been selected to help inspire and motivate you on your quest to learn and grow as a guitarist.

The easy to navigate format consisting of five chapters; Practice, Playing and Performing, Music, Guitar Gear and Essential Extras, along with a bonus FAQ section, are intended to bring the opportunity for personal progress on your guitar playing journey! 

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